Sunday, June 12, 2011

The complexity of Science OR the simplicity of Mathematics :-)

Well, if you are an Engineer, Doctor or an MBA, either of these subjects would have been the most significant part of more than 20 years of your life J

The question to ask we really leave back these subjects while leading our lives?

 The calculations, the deadlines, the budgets, the actuals, the logic, the formulas... all are a very valid and deserving part of our professional life...but we get so used to these jargons that we start applying them to our daily lives.

How difficult is it to lead a peaceful and happy life?

Today, when I close my eyes and really think hard and be honest to myself...I am afraid my answer is – It’s as easy as you would want it to be!

Really...I mean, sometimes I feel that human mind is so in love with complexities that it tries to measure it actions, reactions, feelings, judgements...and in that, we forget to feel, act, react and live in a most authentic and original way !

For most part of my life (would say at least for 25 yrs), I have lived the same mechanical, calculated life...where I would create an excel sheet for every damn thing including ‘Invitations for house functions’...but now, for about couple of years I think I have managed to cool down and stop measuring things with whatever little maths I knowJ

To me, the essence of living life is to feel any emotion to its most original core, it’s to give a hug to someone I love, being kissed by my loved able to pass a smile to a stranger who seems lost in the hold hands with my best friend and walk for talk on phone with my sisters and gossip about new guys in our life...spend time with my Mom to know how the world was in her times and how it has changed...sleep in my Grandpa’s lap listening to stories of his younger times...have dinner with my partner discussing how beautiful and eventful the day was...sit alone and have a cup of coffee while looking at the sun set !


 Everything that I have mentioned above may not be possible in today’s rat race...but spare a minute and give a thought – Is it really that hard?

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’