Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two tales

Death Certificate

She woke up thinking, 'Aah I overslept!'
He enters the room and asks, 'Where is our Mom's death certificate?'
She goes back to sleep feeling 'Wish the last twenty years were a dream!'

Midnight gift 

She was used to folding his clothes and arranging his wardrobe. 
Forty days later when she did that again, he did not like it! 
'I have gotten used to arranging things my way', he said. 
It sadden her for a minute and then slowly her heart smiled knowing that he is going to be just fine without her!
And out he comes from his room with a beautiful pink sari which he got as a gift from Kerela :) and then he almost refuses to receive the chikan black kurta which she got for him, saying, 'I told you not to get me anything!!'