Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I, You and the place called Society...

"Maybe you are searching among branches for what only appears in the roots." – Rumi

The quote summed up everything that I have been thinking of since a long long time!

These days with any social issue or a problem, my mind keeps thinking about ‘the beyond what eyes can see or the ears can hear!’

With the latest increase in the media reporting of crimes against women particularly in our capital city, it makes me think of how a crime in our society is looked at.

Society!! Together we form a society I believe…the people, the environment, the birds and every living being on this planet earth. And movement of any being, happening of any incidence is a result of settings, contexts, situations co-created by the world around us…the society we live in!

I wonder then; why and how can a crime be looked at in isolation?

Hang him to death…imprison her to life, when we say this for someone who has committed a crime; do we realize that with every criminal being hanged, a part of society dies… with every criminal being imprisoned for life, a part of society’s soul is caged!! For some it’s a fair call, for they might say it was a rotten part which had to meet its destiny that way. But I ask, was it a bad part from the birth; was there nothing about that part which was ever good??

My inherent belief in the goodness was shaken more than once in past six months and I experienced that every time I walked into a space with a fear in my heart and a doubt in my mind, the world outside just mirrored my inner space. And right then I had a choice, to feed into my fear and nurture my doubt or regain my faith! As I still sometimes struggle in regaining my faith I ask myself, is faith alone going to be enough?

More often than once when I hear an incidence of a crime, my mind goes out to the person who has committed it. What is it that led him/ her to this situation? What must have been his / her life experiences? How did I as a society influenced his choices?

How is it that we have reached here…at a place where the society has more of gadgets than human relations, human beings interacts more with machines than with other human beings, the families are becoming more and more nuclear in nature and the tree of values turning frail day after day. How did we come to a day where people are afraid of passing a smile to a stranger for who knows he might be the next serial killer or the rapist we see on television?  
How did we fill our hearts with so much insecurity that the hope and the faith are struggling to find its way in?

It is this negative spirit or influence that all of us carry at one time or another that influences one among us, probably the one with the least social and emotional support, someone who absorbs all the negativity and then channelize it through a crime. That someone is a product of society as much as you and I are!!

I am not trying to defend that someone or by no means undermining the intensity of the crime and the gravity of the issue but I am attempting to connect the dots because after all we are all connected in this web of life, whether we like it or not!!

So what is the root cause and how do we address it? Well at least for the active party to the crime i.e the criminal, there is a legal system in place, which evolves with the society’s evolution and tries to find deterrents to the crimes. But where is the system to find such solutions or deterrents for the passive party to the crime…for you, me, for the society?? I wonder why such a difference in treating two different criminals??

I have never been a big fan of revolutions, although there have been some life changing revolutions that both our country and the planet earth have experienced before; to me they always create a society of followers!! And this for me is the root cause of any evil on this land…that we are not thinking or are not ready to think on our own, for ourselves, to become aware of our choices, of our beliefs, our influences on others, to take responsibility of it and to have the courage to act and live with them every day of our life!

I get this strong intuition that we are headed that way…to a place where every individual is an aware and a conscious, awaken soul, a place where every individual is a rebel and a society which is rebellion! And may be this transformation will look beyond branches, at the roots with naked eyes and courageous hearts, for a society which is truly ONE!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Precious day in Life :)

There are lot of things in our life that we do not have control over...but what we have control over is kindness, forgiveness, fresh starts, second chances... because nothing makes this world a more beautiful place that Love...the love that you feel, the love that you receive, the love that you give...Love of any form gives hope and hope never come alone...it always gets dreams along :) :) Happy loving, happy hoping and happy dreaming :)