Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mysterious day and a magical evening!!!

It’s been a day of emotions. Few pleasant and comforting emotions and many discomforting, disturbing emotions. Throughout the day, I felt dead, unable to feel my heart beats; unable to feel myself…was just feeling very disconnected and lost!

And then…suddenly I looked outside the window…I saw beautiful, big milky clouds…some part of clear blue sky and golden leaves and it brought a big smile on my face. Suddenly I could feel my heart, I knew what was making me happy…I could feel the blood running through my veins…I felt ALIVE :-)

I just had the most magical evening :-) through out the evening; I sat by my window and saw the live show of the light and shadow as the clouds and the Sun dance their way through the evening. It was mesmerizing to see the clouds changing its colors from white to yellow to pink to purple to orange!! Since I could not see the Sun or its rays, it was all the more mysterious for me. It felt as if with the blink of my eye, the clouds were changing the colors.

Alas, the Sun set and it became dark!

I did not want this evening to end…I did not want the magic show to end…I felt like dancing, singing in a joy, in a celebration of Life. Feeling immense gratitude for all the beautiful souls around me for making my life so colorful, for making it a celebration every day J

This Moment

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Feeling light as a feather

I don’t know where I am headed

The language the wind speaks is unfamiliar

But yet the places it takes me are familiar

I am either too far or too near…

I am either here or there…out somewhere

There is a fear of losing myself…or of being carried away

Or of unexpected arrival of meeting self!

Am I listening? Am I seeing? Am I feeling?

It’s either too blank or too clouded

Hope comes every now and then…

Telling me that the fear can go…if only I let go!!

Meeting compassion has made me stranger to an ambition

The comfort is making me restless

There is neither the worry of the past nor the fear of the future

I hold this moment closer than ever!