Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Seeking Kindness - On a Diwali Morning!

A Diwali morning...

As soon as I woke up I was busy doing things that I do every Diwali, decorating the house, putting things nicely. After a couple of hours of doing all this when I was about to take a shower, my brother woke up. In few minutes he & I realized that something went wrong whiles I was filling our water tank in the morning and that we don't have enough water to use during the day.

Since it was the first thing he had to face in the morning he got a little irritated and said as to why was I not being careful as we have had similar instances in the past. Suddenly, the peace & harmony within me was disturbed :( A moment or two of extreme anxiety & worry rushed in...but amid this a voice within me said - Lets try!

So I picked up the phone and dialed the number of our building security. I was extremely positive & hopeful and a part of me was seeking kindness, it wanted the voice on the other side to say 'that's not a problem, we will get the building water tank tap open for you right away' but instead...our old watchman uncle said ' There is no water. From where will I give you water' . To avoid further conversation, he passed on the number of Society's new Secretary. As he is a recently elected secretary, I had never interacted with him before!

So I here I was, dialing a number of a complete stranger, on the morning of Diwali, with a hope for a small miracle!

What followed next was this beautiful, most genuine conversation where I felt warm sharing my worry and anxiety with a complete stranger! I felt I was being listened to...that my concern mattered to him. He was honest enough in saying that if there is water in the building tank, I will get it for you AND he did :) :)

And the very next moment the peace & harmony within me was restored, this time with a broad smile on my face for receiving such a beautiful Diwali gift - for receiving Kindness :) :)

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  1. It is amazing and inspiring reading your blogs, write more often:)